TessIB Collaborations

Do not hold back, it’s your time to shine

Because you need

to give yourself a break

Many of our Clients have spent many years developing an idea and lost focus on the basics which determine whether their idea will be a successful proposition to an investor.

Our Clients benefitted from a ‘holiday’ supported by TessIB where we helped our Client’s refocus on the essentials.

National Pride UK Limited

TessIB Limited works in association with National Pride UK and provides resource, administrative co-ordinating services and investment in support of their mission to ‘make a difference’.
National Pride UK is a Community Interest Company focusing on providing resource and funding to ensure social projects succeed and to create ‘multigenerational communities’ for the inclusion of ALL with particular reference to the young, elderly, homeless, unemployed, those physically and mentally disadvantaged, the marginalised and vulnerable in our society.

Waste dump mining

Companies in the business of ‘waste dump mining’ of existing landfill sites for rehabilitation into residential and commercial use and the generation of revenue throughout the reclamation process.


Internationally recognised engineering companies to design, supply and operate innovative and leading edge renewable waste-to-energy generating facilities.


International companies providing energy efficiency solutions including 100% financing and NO UPFRONT COST for the benefit of all commercial and industrial organisations including Local Authorities and Government premises, Factories and Warehouses, Hotels and Leisure Facilities, Schools and Universities, Hospitals and Care Homes, Stadiums and Arenas, Social housing including Housing Associations, Parks and Public Places, Car Parks and Garages, Transit Facilities, Streetlighting (including new columns).

International investors bringing innovative funding solutions to the UK investment market including for commercially viable start-up operations.

Break Boundaries

Established companies to extend their Client base and commercial reach across the UK