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Managing Consultant, Owner and Founder

Irene Bisset

Irene formed TessIB Limited after many years understanding the business perspective from the Client’s point of view, an invaluable quality in providing a bespoke and exemplary service to satisfy all parties to any project.

Irene was the Insurance Consultant on the prestigious Forth Replacement Crossing in Scotland having worked for a bidding consortium through the tender process and then for the Client for the first four years of the construction project. Irene can provide technical input in terms of risk identification, mitigation and control in heavy engineering, infrastructure and projects across all sectors.


Andy Whitlock

Andy has more than 35-year experience in the Construction insurance industry, advising the professional team of large to extremely large projects across the globe. Andy’s particular strength is working with the Legal Advisors in the team to craft contract clauses from a position of full knowledge of the Client, the project and the full contract, to protect each position including the Lender and their investment through to final exit. Andy has a sound and extensive knowledge of financial matters and the requirements of an Investor and is skilled at deconstructing complex issues and presenting them in a format familiar to Investors to achieve funding solutions in an efficient and speedy manner.

Lead Administrator

Nicola Connor

Nicola’s experience is in the Banking sector for over 20 years, including Corporate Lending and Corporate Risk Training with experience of funding analysis in the manufacturing, property investment and property development sectors. Nicola plays a key role as Executive PA and provides essential administration support to TessIB.

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John Smith

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