Appropriate Investment

Many projects have been in development over several years but for some reason the appropriate investment has been elusive because there may be a fundamental reason preventing an Investor considering your business or project a viable funding proposition.

We invest our time in understanding your business requirements and make valuable connections to enhance the funding opportunity to our Investor’s portfolio, whether it be a cash injection or an equity partner you are seeking.

Not every project is the same so the business proposal is tailored to meet the demands and needs of you and meet Investor’s specific investment criteria.

Fresh Ideas

TessIB Limited will work with you to fully understand your business plans and aspirations, to identify any deficiencies in your business proposal, to work with you to revaluate your proposal to enhance it building a compelling opportunity for Investors to consider.

We will not charge you an upfront fee before working with you. Instead we will discuss with your business idea and give you an honest opinion whether it will suit one of our Investor partners.

Not all projects will be successful but a realistic appraisal of your project and an enhanced submission to our Investor partners, or a direction to a suitable TessIB Limited partner, will give your project or business idea a fighting chance of success.

Growth and Development

For businesses or Investors seeking long term partnerships our Consultants work with both you and our Investors to fully investigate and understand your business company structure and corporate team, financial position, strengths and weaknesses, history, future growth and development plans and company potential.

We can also assist with insurance appraisals and arrangements, taxation and grant applications through our network.

We can also assist with your energy efficiency requirements with our energy specialist partners helping to reduce expenditure and enhancing company profitability and long-term energy usage.

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